I am currently writing a book about how to have dialogue across political lines. It’s based on my workshop that offers practical tools to increase understanding and reduce stress related to political discord. My book comes from this well-honed format, with added insights learned from the workshops. The exercises are designed to support human connection and empower anyone to talk with others—even people they fear. With political polarization is at an all-time high, Beyond the Bubble: How to Have Dialogue Across Political Lines offers a bridge across this increasingly daunting partisan divide.

Beyond the Bubble is an accessible, politically-neutral, resource for people who are interested in dialogue across political lines. It is relatable across demographics and timely for current concerns. The book introduces evidence-based strategies and focuses on skill-development. Readers can learn at their own pace and can practice – on their own, with others, with family, with community. It’s great for groups: faith communities, political organizations and conferences, corporations, self-improvement workshops, nonprofit advocacy associations, book clubs, student groups, and classrooms.

I am a Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. With decades of experience as a researcher and change broker, I have facilitated educational programs and difficult dialogues about a range of challenging topics, including abortion, law enforcement, religion, and sexual orientation.  Beyond the Bubble draws on my strengths as a psychologist, teacher, writer, and community organizer.