To be honest, I had no idea I was going to write another book about political conflict. When my first book, Beyond Your Bubble, received a flurry of attention in 2020, I didn’t think anyone would care what I had to say after election day. But political polarization continued to ramp up, with our country divided over election integrity, vaccines, abortion, gender affirming care, Critical Race Theory, Gaza, and more.

Through my work on bridging divides, it’s become apparent to me that dialogue is an important tool, but it’s not enough. The distress Americans are experiencing goes beyond attempts to connect with others. It’s the tension that arises at each phone notification about political news. It’s the trepidation invoked by a neighbor’s lawn sign, bumper sticker, or hat. It’s the incomprehensibility of other people’s views, voting behavior, and health decisions. It’s the knot in our stomachs as we attend holiday gatherings. It’s our fury at the damage the other side is doing and outrage at the suggestion that we talk with them. It’s our despair that our country’s rift is beyond repair.

I took this distress as a call to action, seeking knowledge and tools to help Americans who are grappling with political discord. I sought guidance in research, wisdom, and stories. And then I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. Thus was born a new book: Facing the Fracture: How to Navigate the Challenges of Living in a Divided Nation.

Facing the Fracture is a resource to help foster resilience in politically polarized times. We’re not as polarized as we think we are, so readers will gain an accurate view of people across the divide and learn how to reduce polarizing input from media, social media, and our own minds. The book offers guidance to prepare readers’ bodies, minds, and hearts for growth in the face of challenges. Finally, readers will learn to engage across disagreement and to strengthen connection with community and country. My aim is for readers to feel informed, empowered, and optimistic.

It’s been my priority to make sure Facing the Fracture is widely available as we face another contentious election, and I was fortunate to find a publisher who could meet that demand (thanks, Greenleaf!). I’m pleased that Facing the Fracture is available now for pre-order with a release date of August 13, 2024.