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  • Up to this point, I haven’t posted anything about the Israel-Hamas conflict. There’s a lot of opinion out there; does anyone need my hot take? I thought I could just stay quiet, breathe into the heartbreak, post pictures of sunsets and friendship bracelets, stay out of the fray.It turns out, though, if your name is Dr. […]
  • As I teach people how to communicate across political disagreement, one of the greatest barriers I encounter is pessimism that dialogue is possible, or even desirable. People say they don’t want to deal with people who hold extreme and problematic views. They ask, “Why would I want to talk to those idiots/monsters/racists/snowflakes?”Granted, some people are […]
  • How are you feeling in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade? Are you devastated, delighted, or somewhere in between? Are you celebrating, or are you protesting? Are you hopeful or concerned about the future of our country? Are you in a community with people who have similar views, or are […]
  • Last week, I attended a Braver Angels online debate about abortion. Over 150 people participated, representing a wide range of views. Braver Angels debates are highly structured and skillfully moderated. The format encourages thoughtful consideration of controversial topics and prevents the conversation from devolving into conflict. With courage and vulnerability, people volunteered to share their […]
  • As a teenager, I spent a lot of time at my friend, Peggy’s house. I loved her large, Irish Catholic family’s holiday traditions — decorating cookies, midnight mass, Christmas Eve smorgasbord. My secular Chinese Jewish family was not devoid of tradition — we decorated a Christmas tree, went caroling in the neighborhood, hung stockings, and ate Peking duck. But […]
  • Real change comes with understanding and connection.I’m hearing a lot of frustration with people who aren’t vaccinated. My Facebook feed is replete with posts that describe them as “ignorant” or “morons,” including, “it started as a virus and mutated into an IQ test” and “I won’t die of stupid.” Others frame unvaccinated people as irresponsible […]
  • Dialogue can help us bridge the political divideCalls for unity have been met with considerable skepticism. Is it possible, or even desirable, to seek unity at the current zenith of political polarization? Indeed, polls indicate that Republicans and Democrats are deeply divided about guns, race, climate, immigration, and COVID-19. To be sure, a divided America […]